School Update and more battles

So after a visit to the school, which resulted in both myself and Eden’s mother feeling zero confidence in the school’s ability to resolve the issue of my daughter being bullied, it has been decided that we will pull her out of that school and she will start at a new school in September 2018.

While it’s a big change for Boo, we feel that a fresh start, with a chance to have confidence in the staff to resolve anything she isn’t unhappy about, plus the fact it’s not a Welsh speaking school, will give her more confidence, and help her rebuild her social skills.

Watch this space for updates…..

On to other things. I tweeted about starting (or, I suppose continuing) a blog about my ongoing war with my depression. I received a fair bit of positive feedback, so I guess now is the time to strike while the iron is hot. These posts will be kept separate from other posts, so that those of you who don’t wish to read about this can skip on by to the next post that might interest you.

Thanks for your support. It’s appreciated as always.