Overwhelming support. And common sense.

Following on from my last post about jumping off of the YouTube ship and moving only to Mixer, Twitch and Video.me, I received a massive response from friends, followers and subscribers. The message was clear: “Don’t leave!”

I’ve taken everyone’s comments and suggestions on board, and will be staying with YouTube, but also producing content for Mixer, Vid.me and Twitch. Obviously spreading myself across so many channels is going to take alot of effort, and I have some limitations:

1. I can’t upload more than 3GB a month to Vid.me till I get 100 follows.

2. I have settled on using Restream.io to help me stream to Twitch and Mixer simultaneously. This keeps the chats tidy and in one place so I only need one chat window open. Restream.io doesn’t support YouTube right now, so I will have to upload the VoD’s to YouTube and Video.me separately.

3. While I’m not creating content to support my family, I have spent an awful lot of money on equipment to produce my content, and I’m always looking at ways to improve, and new games to play to keep my channel varies and up to date. With this in mind (and due to the fact my YouTube content is no longer monetised) I have created a streamjar link to enable followers to give one off tips/donations. I also have a Patreon page where you can pledge small amounts. I’m not asking for big wedges of cash. $1 a month would be absolutely amazing.

Links to these pages will be in the description of every video I create. I’ll be updating my website to include my Streamjar tip page shortly too.

A massive thank you to each and every one of you for your unwavering support. My Twitch and Mixer channels are slowly growing, and I’m still around the 250 subscriber mark on YouTube. I didn’t think I’d ever get this far, and you’re all an inspiration to me to carry on.

Special mentions go out to the following:

Vaygrim (for keeping it real and telling me that I’m a douchebag sometimes), The Bromigo’s (for your unwavering support and patience), Dawgeth (for always managing to make me laugh), Ferg (for being a solid fellow flailer, and going above and beyond in being available to co-op stream and record with me), Slothy (for continued support and encouragement), Saphrym (for being my one and only Patron), DragonRacer (for always trying to show up for my streams, RedCharpie (for helping me to grow my Twitch channel via shoutouts and the challenge of the snorty laugh), Button Pusher (for huge encouragement and being an awesome guy to bounce ideas off), Crystal craze (for added support and banter). And last but by no means least Shaz for her patience while I spend eternity at my desk streaming, recording and editing videos.

If you haven’t had a mention, fear not – you’re still awesome and I appreciate each and every one of you.


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