Site Closure

Hi everyone.  It is with a little sadness that I must announce that this website is closing.  The host, who has graciously allowed me to host this site for the last 2 years for next to nothing is no longer offering hosting services as of the end of September this year. I will be building […]

Living with Depression: Part 1

Some of you who know me will know that I’ve had an on/off affair with depression since the age of about 13. There are several reasons why, but because of the public nature of this blog, I would prefer to discuss them privately with anyone interested, as I feel this to be more appropriate. If […]

School Update and more battles

So after a visit to the school, which resulted in both myself and Eden’s mother feeling zero confidence in the school’s ability to resolve the issue of my daughter being bullied, it has been decided that we will pull her out of that school and she will start at a new school in September 2018. […]

Another Day, Another Battle

Following on from my last post, I thought that this update on things going on in my life would be something to share as a positive thing, even if the subject matter is less than pleasant and not positive at all. My daughter, Boo (real names have been changed to protect the innocent) is 9 […]

Health. Not Just Physical

Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week, and I wanted to make a post about it.  Better late than never, right? Some of you may, or may not know that I’ve suffered with mental health issues since I was around 14. I won’t go into gritty details, because that’s not something that belongs on a […]

2018 New Year News

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, so I figures I’d keep you all up to date with what’s been going on Christmas and New Year were great, I got to spend a lot of time with my family, which is always amazing, I’m now back to work, which is approaching an extremely […]

Milestones, past, present and future…

On 12/09/2017 I passed the 600 video mark on YouTube.  I also recently broke the 25,000 views mark, and earlier this year I hit the 250 subscriber target as well.  Not too shabby (jerkin).  With 25,000 views of 600 videos, that’s an average of 41 views per video. I started creating content for YouTube in […]

Overwhelming support. And common sense.

Following on from my last post about jumping off of the YouTube ship and moving only to Mixer, Twitch and, I received a massive response from friends, followers and subscribers. The message was clear: “Don’t leave!” I’ve taken everyone’s comments and suggestions on board, and will be staying with YouTube, but also producing content […]

So long, YouTube…

This has been a sad choice to have to make, only made easier by the way that YouTube appears to be treating the smaller content creator.  I’ve been chatting with other creators, who confirm that videos are now being marked as “unsuitable for some advertisers”.  My own videos have been marked as such, and there […]

Enter 2017

So 2016 has been and gone.  It was generally speaking a good year for me personally.  I got a new house, a new car, won my battle with BT for compensation for my internet issues, broke 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel (albeit briefly!) and had a great Christmas with my family and loved ones. […]