So long, YouTube…

This has been a sad choice to have to make, only made easier by the way that YouTube appears to be treating the smaller content creator.  I’ve been chatting with other creators, who confirm that videos are now being marked as “unsuitable for some advertisers”.  My own videos have been marked as such, and there […]

Enter 2017

So 2016 has been and gone.  It was generally speaking a good year for me personally.  I got a new house, a new car, won my battle with BT for compensation for my internet issues, broke 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel (albeit briefly!) and had a great Christmas with my family and loved ones. […]

The “BT Incident”

I’m angry.  So very angry.  I probably shouldn’t be writing this blog post in the mood I’m in.  If you’re easliy upset by angry people, please stop reading now. I’m going to tell this story from start to finish, so if you already know some or all of it, I apologize in advance. In June, […]

Welcome to my new look website

After some issues with prevous webhosting, I’m back with a new host, and a new look website.  I’m happy with the way things look here, but if there’s something you’d like me to add or remove, then please let me know via Twitter! I decided to add links to the most popular information I get […]